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Cathi Quinn

For Cathi Quinn, it all started with a doodle, but what a doodle!
Quinn began to develop her cathi.jpgsignature colorful abstract designs early in life. She says “drawing goes back to my childhood when I could not express myself in words. I drew and colored on any type of blank paper.” About thirty years ago, another difficult time in her life, Quinn remembered the comfort of those drawings and returned to “the process, except using quality paper.”

Her process: “I get in a quiet place and meditate, then one line goes into another.” She has exchanged the crayons of childhood for pastel pencils and quality paper. Her designs have matured through practice and consultation with art professionals, but Quinn is quick to include that “it was important for me to have fun doing it” which happened “when I stopped comparing myself to other artists.”

Cathi Quinn is one of those lucky people who, in their retirement, are still enjoying their childhood.  She has lived in the Alleghany Highlands her entire life.